We Stand and Deliver

Making it through the crucible of writing and presenting a senior speech has been part of students’ culminating experience at SCH for over two decades. Each year, members of the graduating class take time to prepare a 5-minute message for the younger members of the Upper School community that distills a piece of wisdom, insight, or advice they’ve gleaned from personal experience. 

Senior speeches run the gamut. From video presentations to musical performance, from themes that are humorous to themes that are challenging or inspirational, and from lessons learned through sports to lessons learned through volunteering and travel, senior speeches are a reflection of students’ growth and emerging maturity as well as a personal recognition of something in their lives that made a personal difference.

Today we share snapshots of the first of the Class of 2022 senior speeches from Student Body co-presidents Maya McDermott and RJ Moore who kicked off the tradition at this week's Senior Assembly. [A full recording of their speeches—and all those to follow—can be found in the Upper School tile in mySCH.]

Maya: Throughout her life, Maya has had to contend with “being different” because of her severe nut allergy. But instead of this difference impeding or discouraging her, it has made her more self-confident and independent. Listen to Maya’s speech here.

“Thanks to what is usually a burden on someone’s life, I’m okay with being different, and it’s one of the things that makes me the happiest about myself. Self-love!”

RJ: Thanks to a puzzling gift from an uncle when he was a child, RJ learned that, while it may take time for one’s life purpose to reveal itself, it’s always there; we just have to discover it. Listen to RJ’s speech here.

“Now that we are leaders in this school and are about to go into the world, it’s very important that we find our purpose in everything we do. Once we know our purpose, our impact on the world will be invaluable.”


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