U.S. Women's Pro Squash Superstars Wow SCH

U.S. Women's Pro Squash Superstars Wow SCH

Squash enthusiasts—young and old—packed the SCH McCausland Squash Courts this week to witness firsthand the tremendous athleticism and skill of two of the top-ranked women's squash players: Amanda Sobhy at #3 in the world and Olivia Fiechter '14 at #9 in the world. For the spectators, it was nothing less than breathtaking to watch a rally last for over two minutes, the power behind each and every shot, and the strategic decisions made as the point went on and on.

No surprise, it was a tightly fought contest with points going to one player and then the other evenly. After two games the score was knotted at one game apiece. In lieu of a third game (first to 11 points), Olivia and Amanda suggested a sudden death tiebreaker with the match going to the first to win three points. At 2-2, with a spellbound crowd, the last point went to Olivia after a succession of literally every squash shot imaginable. (Don’t miss the video of the final point! It’s squash at its finest.)

In a Q & A following the exhibition match, the players shed light on their journey and the mindset with which they approach each pro tournament, reminding the crowd of the essential takeaway: Most learning comes with failure. When you lose, you need to ask yourself: “Did I play the way I wanted to play?” And then take what you’ve learned and head right into the next match.

This squash event was sponsored by the SCH Blue Devils Club and included two clinics for Middle and Upper School squash teams so that SCH athletes could get on the court with the pro players. All the attendees gathered after the clinics and exhibition for a reception where the senior captains shared their goals for the year. The group also heard from trustee Tim Levin, a parent to two squash players, who presented the needs of the squash program, and trustee Ed McDevitt ‘93 who gave an update on the Campaign for the Commons

Moustafa Bayoumy, SCH’s new squash director, shared, “It was such an honor to host these elite athletes at our facility. I’m excited to lead SCH squash into the future with a strong program for all ages.”

We are so grateful to Olivia and Amanda for sharing their love of the game and talent with the SCH community. We wish them all the best as they head into competition across the globe this fall. 

[Image: SCH's new squash director Moustafa Bayoumy is pictured here with two of the top-ranked women's squash players Amanda Sobhy who is #3 in the world (left) and Olivia Fiechter '14 who is #9 in the world (right).]

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