Upper School Honor Council Shares Plans

Upper School Honor Council Shares Plans

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.” -  C.S Lewis

Comprised of selected representatives from each grade, the Upper School Honor Council exists to promote “honesty, academic integrity, [and] the positive treatment of others.” 

As their actions and initiatives kick into gear, they share several of the projects that they have planned for the year.

“Honorable Mentions,” an Honor Council program returning from last year, is a program that seeks to recognize students who model SCH’s five core values—diversity, thoughtfulness, resilience, courage, and integrity.  Students from each grade will be awarded an “Honorable Mention” each quarter, with their names announced at an Upper School assembly. Recipients will be publicized in the SCHout and will receive a formal letter along with the remarks from the teacher that provided the nomination.

New this year: The Honor Council is launching an initiative to shine a light on our collective thoughtfulness and draw attention to our shared spaces “Leave Every Space Better Than You Found It.” Sophomores Sam Harris and Trey Angell noticed that several student hangouts, most notably the cafeteria and library, were not being treated with respect. Hence, they are helping to spearhead an important reminder for students to tidy up all areas before leaving. SCH, your peers, and most of all, our cleaning staff, will appreciate your effort.

Finally, the Honor Council’s biggest endeavor of the year will be running three or four “Honor Hours.” During an Honor Hour, the entire Upper School will collectively engage in programming designed to promote more than just the parameters and expectations around academic honesty, but skills such as self-advocacy and time management, which often lead to wiser academic choices.

Thank you, Jack Gaghan and Stanley Song, Honor Council co-heads, for providing this valuable update!  

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