Upper School Athletes to Lower School Boys: ‘Win (or Lose) With Grace’

Upper School Athletes to Lower School Boys: ‘Win (or Lose) With Grace’

Boys in 3rd and 4th grade got a lesson in the value of sportsmanship and fair play during an assembly last week from some close-to-home heroes: four Upper School athletes. Basketball players Jaren Morton and Keni Williams and football players Tommy Andrews and Danny Reagan, all seniors, spoke candidly about how to stay positive on the field, court, and, yes, even the playground. 

They even put themselves back in the shoes of a Lower School student. “I wish I would’ve known that it’s not the end of the world at recess if you miss a play,” said Jaren. “Games (at recess) can help you build your character.”

PE teacher and coach Andrew J. Silverman, M.Ed., asked the Lower School boys what they thought it meant to be a good sport (“Don’t be a sore loser OR sore winner!” said one), and presented a video compilation of pro athletes expressing good sportsmanship. Then the Upper School student-athletes gave advice on staying humble, being a leader, not placing blame on others, understanding the importance of being a good teammate, and controlling emotions.

“None of us have complete control of our emotions yet,” said Danny. “It takes years of practice. We’re still working on it. Understanding how to control your emotions is the biggest thing about growing up.” 

Additional sportsmanship and fair play assemblies will be offered in the weeks and months to come.

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