Update Regarding SEPTA and Potential Impact on Chestnut Hill West Line

Update Regarding SEPTA and Potential Impact on Chestnut Hill West Line

State lawmakers recently passed a budget that leaves SEPTA with a huge shortfall beginning July 1. In an article published by WHYY this week, SEPTA provided the following statement: 

“Without a solution to the looming fiscal cliff, SEPTA will have to look at all options for closing a $240 million operating budget deficit. This would include significant fare increases and service cuts. No decisions have been made yet regarding specific lines and routes, but this would impact customers systemwide. SEPTA is working closely with its funding partners in Harrisburg, and we are hopeful that there will be a funding solution."

An important coalition has been formed to help “Save the Train” and keep SEPTA’s Chestnut Hill West Line running, should it be part of the impending cuts. This could potentially affect anyone who relies on public transportation, especially the Chestnut Hill West Line that connects the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhoods to Center City. This coalition has been organized by the West Mt. Airy Neighbors, Chestnut Hill Community Association, and several other local organizations.

→ For reference, approximately 54 SCH students use SEPTA transit from the city to attend SCH. (Number based on Key cards issued by SCH transportation coordinator. This does not include a number of faculty and staff who depend on public transportation.)

At this time, SCH students and families have been asked to join with our neighbors and businesses to support the coalition’s efforts by contacting Governor Shapiro’s Office and/or signing a petition. One of the goals of the Save the Train campaign is to secure 25,000 signatures and to elevate this urgent issue at the state level. We know our community can help!

<< Sign a petition telling Gov. Josh Shapiro to push for fully funding SEPTA or click here to call and write him and other officials. >>

Websites for more information: 
Save the Train - Keep the Chestnut Hill West Line Running
West Mount Airy Neighbors (WMAN)

Both websites include the grassroots efforts taking place right now to ensure the West Line continues to run.

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