The 3rd Graders Have a Bright Idea

Before winter break, 3rd graders in Mx. Ramsey’s CEL class created light-up signs that, quite literally, highlight what they are learning at SCH. To spark inspiration for the 3rd-grade designers, the artists and founders of Nebula Neon, Ali Feeney and James Akers, shared their intricate process of creating custom neon signs that brighten up storefronts to bring new business to their clients. Just like a local pizza shop that has a neon slice hung proudly in their window, the 3rd graders were asked to make signs for SCH’s windows that promote what our community is all about. The boys chose to show off their cursive handwriting skills by creating signs that read “integrity,” one of the SCH core values represented by a stripe on their uniform, and the focus for Stripe Day this year. Third-grade girls learned the importance of teamwork and communication as they collaborated with each other to make a giant glowing sign of the world map (location TBD). This project really shows how “bright” our students truly are! 

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