Thank You for Your Pop-Up Support!

Thank You for Your Pop-Up Support!

We’d like to give a huge SCHout out to our CEL student entrepreneurs who set up shop on Germantown Ave for Stag-and-Doe nights in December, one of the busiest shopping times of the year in Chestnut Hill. When we asked our students about their experience, it was unanimous that making connections within the SCH community was the highlight. Sonas to America exclaimed, “We loved talking with members of the SCH community who have been supporting our business and with our peers about their projects.” Many of the businesses SOLD OUT by the end of the third night! Chuck Norton, owner of Taco ‘Bout It, stated his favorite part was “hearing the different perspectives of the customers' mental health experiences.” Norton sold 20+ card decks—his entire inventory.

The positive feedback the entrepreneurs received from customers was also a huge plus and will help them as they refine and grow their ventures, making it a huge life-learning experience. Tara Benning of East Coast Stickers, who is cultivating her business skills online through Etsy, stated because of this opportunity she was able to make face-to-face connections with customers, build relationships, and get some important feedback she may not have gotten solely online. Also finding the value in connection with local customers, Dillion Frankel owner of DCF Cards, talked to shoppers that were also trying to sell their cards, which he is hoping will lead to more money raised for Hope for the Warriors

Our solo, spunky Middle School entrepreneur, Magnolia Lurie of MLSageDesigns, felt it was interesting to see which products were the most popular and which ones failed to sell. Throughout this experience, Lurie has been working closely with mentor and SCH junior Tara Benning (from East Coast Stickers) to help launch her Etsy shop.

Not all of our entrepreneurs were selling products for profit. Alexa Rhodes, founder of H.E.L.P.I.N.G, raised almost $2,000 (which allows her to fill 80 backpacks to support the homeless.) While speaking with customers in the pop-up shop, she expanded her network by adding two homeless shelters and three businesses that are looking for community partnerships! “I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to show off my work and spread the word about my cause. All in all, the event was a huge success for everyone involved, and I hope the customers enjoyed it as much as the entrepreneurs did,” Rhodes shared excitedly. 

We want to give an honorable mention to our young 4th-grade CEL entrepreneurs who helped grab Stag-and-Doe shoppers’ attention and point them in the right direction up the Avenue. The students wore their custom high-visibility vests created in their CEL class.  Lastly, we want to THANK all those who came out to support our student entrepreneurs—whether you bought something, donated, or simply showed up—we appreciate you and your dedication to this community!

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