Tatyana Hall Facilitates and Leads

Tatyana Hall Facilitates and Leads

A creator of social action workshops with intriguing titles such as, “The BBL Effect” and “A Ride Along the 23: The Intersectionality of Race and Socioeconomic Status,” Tatyana Hall, who is headed to Howard University in the fall, has never shied away from having a real conversation about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She led Minority Engagement Club as a Middle School student and has been devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives since. As a sophomore, was elected to serve on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, which steers the work of Student Facilitators. 

A three-year member and now head of the Student Facilitator group, she is often leading and facilitating tough conversations that help to effect positive change on campus and beyond; those social action workshops are the reason that students from more than 20 schools in the region flock to SCH every winter to attend our SCHout diversity conference. This past winter, Tatyana was one of four student keynote speakers at SCHout. She is also a member of the varsity basketball team, orchestra, Laurelei, and is part of the Executive Board of the Black Student Union. 

Most recently, Tatyana was one of several Muslim students in our community who took our school’s awareness of Ramadan to the next level and made sure that Eid made its way onto our all-school calendar. “Her commitment to building a stronger, more inclusive SCH community has led other students to lean into hard conversations, push for more inclusive school policies, and celebrate diversity in our student body,” says Polly Kimberly, associate director of College Counseling and Upper School diversity co-coordinator. 

Her passion for building community will no doubt inspire others as she makes her way through college and as an aspiring physician.

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