Summer Sizzles: Soaring to new heights

Summer Sizzles: Soaring to new heights

This “Summer Sizzles” features four intrepid SCH faculty members—Daria Maidenbaum, Ryan Curry, Maryann Domanska, Adam Sherland—and rising junior Mason Mower who soared to new heights as they spent three days in the woods behind the McCausland Lower School pursuing training on the school’s high and low ropes course. The training was full of knots, climbs, harnesses, simulated rescues, a little bit of fear, and a whole lot of fun. 

This group will complement our strong group of existing on-campus facilitators. The team is excited to find new ways to utilize this unique resource for students in all three divisions and our Summerside campers. 

With a core group of confident and competent ropes facilitators guiding them, students of all ages will soon have the thrill of practicing leading/following and encouraging each other while also developing both awareness of self and their essential role as part of a team. The ropes courses will be yet another unique part of the SCH experience that inspires resilience and personal growth.

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Where did they go? What are they up to? Summer Sizzles features our SCH staff on the go and exploring their passions during the summer months.

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