Summer Sizzles: Om and Positivity with Leslee Frye

Summer Sizzles: Om and Positivity with Leslee Frye

For this week’s Summer Sizzles, we feature Upper School psychologist Leslee Frye, who has been deepening her yoga practice and enhancing her professional toolbox so she can be an even better resource for students, colleagues, and parents. 

In addition to visiting family and practicing yoga in stunning Joshua Tree National Park (CA), Ms. Frye attended an online positive psychology course for educators. The class, offered by Hive & Thrive, was developed for teachers and administrators who want to emphasize the good that has come from the past year, and exploit it. What can we broaden, build, and strengthen?...  How can we cultivate positive emotions and gratitude- so it sticks?...  How can we teach hope and optimism?... and more!

Ms. Frye learned more about her personal strengths, communication styles, kindness and altruism, as well as new gratitude, mindfulness and self-care exercises that she will share with SCH staff and in a new CEL class, “ The Psychology of Happiness.” The course will look at fundamental questions such as “How do we find our own happiness? And how do we keep it once we have it?  What does it mean to find purpose and be whole?  What about the in-between?” Developed with the help of CHA alumnus and teacher Frank Jackson, the class will incorporate research on positive psychology, the science of wellbeing, gratitude, and the creation of healthy habits into project-based learning. Positive activities will help students see how theories can be put into practice. 

One of the culminating projects is a podcast in which students will share how they define and explain happiness for themselves.

There’s no question that students, colleagues, and our parent community will learn new tools from this timely and important course.

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