Summer Sizzles: Upper School Head Matt Norcini Searches for the Lost City

After an unprecedented year and herculean efforts to keep students safe while being on campus this year, it’s no surprise that SCH’s fearless leader of Upper School, Matt Norcini, might want some time to himself to rest and replenish. You might imagine him lounging on a beach or recreating with his wife and three children? 

For our #SummerSizzles series, this week we highlight what Mr. Norcini actually chose to do after school let out: trek with strangers through the jungles of Colombia, where he encountered mudslides, swarms of flies, and an army of frogs!

For a glimpse of Mr. Norcini’s adventure searching for The Lost City this summer—and other tales of a teacher exploring the world one summer at a time—see his travel blog:  ⛰️ 🐸 🥾 

This is the very same adventure-seeker who will accompany a crew of seniors next week when they head out with the Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS) for leadership training in advance of the 9th grade expedition in the fall. We’re so lucky to have such an enthusiastic outdoorsman and passionate leader in our midst.


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Where did they go? What are they up to? Summer Sizzles features our SCH staff on the go and exploring their passions during the summer months.

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