Summer Sizzles: Tail-wagging Fun for Lower School's Karen Pizer

It will come as no surprise that Lower School teacher Karen Pizer has an enormous heart. For our Summer Sizzle this week, we share her experience fostering puppies:

“I became involved with Stray Network Rescue. I’ve fostered three puppies and all have been adopted into happy homes. Including mine. We fell in love with Ellis and decided to adopt him.

These puppies and their mommas are rescued often from deplorable conditions in the Deep South and transported North into foster homes. Once they are in their foster home they are put up for adoption in our area. It’s a labor of love, and it feels amazing to give these babies a new lease on life.

Stray Network Animal Rescue provides everything you would need for the puppies until they get adopted. This has been a very rewarding experience and endeavor.”

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Where did they go? What are they up to? Summer Sizzles features our SCH staff on the go and exploring their passions during the summer months.

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