Students Rise Against Hunger 

Students Rise Against Hunger 

On Friday, May 19, SCH 5th graders packaged 10,000 meals in two hours with an organization called Rise Against Hunger whose model aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets help to “remote, last-mile communities within hunger pockets designated ‘serious’ or higher on the Global Hunger Index.” SCHers learned that each box that they packaged had the potential to feed an individual for an entire year. 

The Thornley Middle School cafeteria was transformed into an assembly line and packaging facility, staffed by 59 students and 10 adults. After a brief orientation, participants donned hairnets and gloves and went to work. The first station carefully measured and combined grain, dried vegetables, and soy protein. The second station carefully weighed and sealed the bags, and the third station labeled and boxed the sealed bags. Student runners moved between stations, delivering bags to the next location and refilling ingredients. 

After each set of 1,000 meals, there was a moment of unified celebration and then the students went back to work. 

A special thank you to Rachele Foley, parent of Hagin and Emily, for the referral to this valuable program. The Middle School is grateful for referrals to service organizations for both on and off-campus opportunities. 

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