“Student Connect” To The Rescue!

“Student Connect” To The Rescue!

Need help with a complex physics lab? Struggling with the quadratic formula? Want some pro tips for your next research paper? No worries! Student Connect to the rescue! Conceived by juniors Jack Gaghan and Brady Greenberg during their CEL capstone class last spring, Student Connect is both a website and app that "enables Upper School students to book virtual tutoring sessions with high achieving peers," explains Jack. At the same time, it provides a platform for an excelling student to a) support a peer, b) boost their college application, c) earn a few dollars. Not a multiple choice answer—it’s all of the above! 

The concept for Student Connect and the initial pass at the project earned the team first place in the CEL Virtual Capstone Showcase last spring. This year, it has continued to take shape under the leadership provided by the Venture Accelerator. “As we build out the business model,” Gaghan shares, “we’ve conducted extensive research, interviewed eight experts in the field, thoroughly analyzed six competitors, designed a logo, built a website, created an Instagram account, and held a peer tutoring trial.”

As the team continues to grow and learn how to serve students best, they’re asking SCH parents to take a few minutes to reply to a brief survey. “Taking the pulse of the parent population regarding peer tutoring is critical,” states Greenberg. “This data is key to helping us construct an online platform that serves students effectively."

Student Connect Parent Survey 

Help us help SCH students!

Come May, the Student Connect founders hope to have a fully operational site so they can help with the stress—and massive reviewing—that comes with year-end exams. By all accounts… they are well on their way!

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Over the past 10 years, the Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) has become one of the flagships of an SCH education. It is a program that is as substantial in its educational content as it is inspirational in its impact. In celebration of the CEL's 10th anniversary, we will be showcasing our CEL Venture Accelerator (VA) students throughout the year. Seeking out opportunity, devising creative solutions, working to effect positive change, more than two dozen VA students are currently hard at work with faculty mentors to bring their visions to life. We hope readers will enjoy learning about the people and the projects that are percolating in the VA right now.

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