Sophia Forchetti Hopes to Inspire Others Through Performance Art

Sophia Forchetti Hopes to Inspire Others Through Performance Art

Senior Sophia Forchetti is no stranger to the stage in multiple genres of performance art. Treasurer of the Players Board, Sophia has graced the stage in many Players productions over the past two years, combining her dance background while digging deeply into acting. Most recently, Sophia was seen onstage as Milky White in the Players spring musical, Into the Woods, and the Therapist in the fall production of Lost Girl. “I joined Players immediately when I came to SCH during my junior year. What I love most is the community aspect and that Players gave me the space to feel like myself again,” she says.

Sophia will be attending NYU Tisch School of the Arts to major in drama, and since she was a classical ballet dancer from a young age before starting to pursue acting, she is hopeful to find her way back to dancing during her college years at NYU.

“I think it’s important for people to recognize that there is a bridge between all the different art forms, and the center of it all is the hope to inspire others through our craft. First-year students at NYU do not participate in performances. While a little disappointing, this will give me the chance to immerse myself in the education aspect of acting in a way I never have before,” she says. 

What has her experience at SCH, both with the Players and in the classroom, taught her?

“I learned that all I truly want to do is make a difference in the way people view the world and how they open their hearts up to embrace emotion,” she says. “The arts are so eye-opening and I want to be a part of that.”

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