Sixth Grade Students Publish Special Book Highlighting Inspiring Stories of Social Impact

SCH’s sixth grade students have spent the semester learning that the world is much smaller than they thought and that what people are doing locally to address global problems of inequality, environmental degradation, and uneven education access can make a difference. The CEL Social Impact class used the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for people and the planet as a framework, looking at goals ranging from “no poverty” and “gender equality” to “sustainable cities and communities”.

After researching the goals that interested them, students identified people—family members, neighbors, young adults, and older students—who are working in sectors that have a connection to the SDG goals. They profiled people like beekeepers and muralists, vaccine developers, antiracism activists, LGBTQ(AI+) housing rights pioneers, and teen social entrepreneurs. They practiced interview skills, asking their subjects about their work to improve the world, and then chose a format to present an engaging one-page profile of that person.

The “SDG Heroes” e-book is the culmination of the research, interviewing, and writing by the 6th grade students. On its pages, you’ll find stories of everyday heroes working to save lives as doctors, nurses, and social workers; teachers and administrators; activists and entrepreneurs working to make our community safer, cleaner, and healthier, and in so doing, contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. 

You can learn more about these heroes by purchasing the special book here:  SDG Heroes

All proceeds from the sales of the e-book will be donated to, a micro-lending organization that is changing lives all over the developing world through its modest loans to small business owners. Donating the proceeds helps our students both learn about and practice social entrepreneurship. Since partnering with Kiva, SCH students have raised more than $1,500 for small business owners. Book sales from this project have already raised $58, helping two entrpreneurs in developing countries.

Congrats to the 6th grade Social Impact student authors! Your teachers are proud of you and hope this project may inspire students to be the next participants in our CEL Venture Incubator and Accelerator programs as they move through the CEL curriculum!

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