SCH’s Esteemed Shield Award is Presented to Aden Goldberg '22

SCH’s Esteemed Shield Award is Presented to Aden Goldberg '22

Continuing with a tradition established in 2019 when Springside Chestnut Hill Academy’s longtime board chair Richard A. Hayne retired, the school honors his service with the presentation of the SCH Shield Award to a member of the graduating class at Commencement exercises. The Shield Award “recognizes Mr. Hayne’s commitment to inspire unbounded curiosity and independent thought while maintaining a courageous and resilient spirit with thoughtfulness and integrity.”

This past Saturday, under a tent filled with over 1,000 family members, trustees, faculty, and students, the Richard Hayne Shield Award was presented to Aden Goldberg with remarks from those who know him well:

“Aden is kind, thoughtful, caring, formidably bright, and always engaging. His love for movie-making transformed class content into original, funny, and entertaining moments. A leader in service to his community, Aden puts others first and sets the example when it comes to humility, hard work, and a sense of humor. Though Aden does not seek the limelight, his support of his classmates and community makes him truly shine.”

In the fall, Goldberg will be studying engineering at Penn State Schreyer Honors College, widely recognized as one of the top undergraduate honors programs in the country.

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