SCH Team Takes Third in World in Business Competition

Last week we congratulated a mighty team of SCH entrepreneurs—seniors Keith MacMahon, Joe Falcone, Andrew Lauerman, and Ed Gu—for taking 2nd at the regional level of the Tiger Global Case Competition and moving on to the final global round. 

This week they placed 3rd on the world stage. In doing so, they beat out nine other highly competitive teams from around the world—winnowed down from 800 teams at the regional level—that had earned the right to compete at “Globals.”  

For the final case, the team was tasked with developing a strategy for Sony to find alternative revenue sources for the new Sony Playstation 5. “We got our case at 11 AM on Thursday and had to deliver it by 11 AM on Saturday,” says Keith, who formed the SCH dream team. “It was a crazy 72 hours eating, working, and sleeping with the team at my house. And a lot of espresso,“ he added.

Their strategy focused on adding distinct value to Sony through two social platforms of their own design that they incorporated into their plan—PS Inspire for the educational market and PS Flex for fitness. Furthermore, they also spoke with two professional consultants in order to polish and finalize their ten slide pitch.

“We learned how to successfully manage time, and assign unique roles to each teammate regarding their individual skills, operating as a small company would," explained Keith.

After turning in their slide deck on Saturday at 11 AM, they spent the next 13 hours working on the live presentation component. “We probably practiced our narrative over 20 times, working on adding variation to our voices and speaking with confidence,” says Keith. They went into the presentation at 1:40 PM on Sunday, having 10 minutes to wow the judges and 7 more minutes to answer questions.

The news that they had earned third place was sent out from Australia at 3 AM on Tuesday morning.
With the title comes a $500 cash prize for the team, a mentorship opportunity with Jamie Beaton, founder and CEO of Crimson Education, and $1000 of personalized Crimson consulting on the college process—a timely concern for this team poised to submit their college applications in the next few months!

We couldn’t be prouder of the Ingenuity, drive, and excellence this fierce Tiger team demonstrated over the course of a grueling competition that began in August. Well done! Enjoy the fruits of your victory!


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