SCH Students Take to the Beach

On October 7, 2021, 17 Oceanography students, 18 Environmental Science students (taught by Ms. Lisa Queeno and Dr. Kim Eberle-Wang respectively), and 4 SCH teachers traveled to the Island Beach State Park in Ocean County, New Jersey, to conduct field studies of barrier islands and wetlands ecology. Besides enjoying the uncommonly good weather, SCH students evaluated the health of the ocean and bay by assessing factors such as water pH, nitrate, phosphate, dissolved oxygen, wind speed, salinity, turbidity, and more. SCH teacher Lisa Queeno shared, "We collected a large amount of trash amongst interesting marine objects. Plastic on the beach—and even plastic littered in Philadelphia—ends up in the ocean where it is physically and chemically degraded, creating microplastics. Environmental Science students jarred water and sand samples to examine for microplastics later." Peter Randall, head of the Robotics and Engineering Department at SCH, brought a submersible robot built by SCH Junior Danny O'Connor. Using a Go-Pro attached to the robot, students were able to get an underwater look at the bottom of the bay. O'Connor won the Invention Studio Award in the CEL 2021 Showcase for his Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle. 

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