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SCH Student’s message in a bottle takes a 6,000+ mile ride on the North Atlantic Ocean Gyre

After a 4.5-year journey on the North Atlantic gyre, a Springside Chestnut Hill Academy bottle turns up on the craggy coast of Cuba. The bottle finders, Sylive and Martin, shared their discovery—and photos—with the school and received some SCH swag along with their notoriety. They are pictured here with the bottle that took an epic 6,000-mile ride and defied all odds.

Every year, students in our oceanography class sit down with a piece of official school stationery and a pencil to write a message which begins: “Dear Bottle Finder…” Their letters, photocopied by their teacher Dr. Wang, are then tightly rolled up, wrapped with string, and inserted into a glass bottle. Carefully sealed shut with hot wax, these bottles are then thrown into coastal waters—anywhere from Long Island to Maine depending on available transportation—with fingers crossed that they will turn up intact on a distant shore.

Read full story in the Chestnut Hill Local.

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