SCH Student Microfinancing Featured in New Book: "Global Citizenship: Engage in the Politics of a Changing World"

The initiative of SCH’s 6th grade social entrepreneurship class caught the attention of author Julie Knutson and is included in her new book: Global Citizenship: Engage in the Politics of a Changing World (September 2020, Nomad Press).

The book, targeted for a young adult audience, takes up the call for global solidarity and inspires young people to recognize their agency to be at the forefront of change. Knutson shines a beacon on the ways children around the world can help correct economic injustice and address related social, political, and environmental challenges.  

She noted the work of SCH students in the section called Informed Action: “Since 2016, the school has offered a sixth-grade course on social entrepreneurship. Students research world regions where poverty is common and investigate its root causes. They model microfinancing within their school, making loans and tracking investments to see how their lending improves lives.

To finance their loans, students fundraise at book fairs and back-to-school nights, selling everything from homemade slime to headbands. These sixth graders learn and work together to make a difference in the world.”

6th Grade Social Entrepreneurship Class SCH Academy

Director of Library Services and Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) teacher Rene deBerardinis spoke with the author about a year ago. She says, “The mindset and skillset to be poised for success comes from the school’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership where we explore social entrepreneurship with microfinancing.”

To learn more, visit the course website, which is also featured as a resource in Knutson's book:

SCH students put purpose behind their passion and live out the school’s mission statement to effect positive change from the day they step on campus to the day they graduate. 


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