SCH Seniors Prepare to Win World's Largest Online High School Business Competition

This past August, Springside Chestnut Hill senior Keith MacMahon saw an opportunity fly by his Instagram feed to apply for the Tiger Global Case Competition 2020 (TGCC). Seeing this as a moment to stretch the entrepreneurial muscles he’s been honing in SCH’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), he grabbed it. To compete on the world stage, he needed four high school students on his team and immediately reached out to three fellow SCH entrepreneurs: Joe Falcone, Andrew Lauerman, and Ed Gu. 

All rallied to prepare a presentation for this prestigious opportunity to sit (virtually) with global giants and mentors to help solve a real-world business problem. When the case was released on September 5, the boys had until September 12 to submit and prepare for this highly ambitious arena, joining 600 other high school teams from China to Brazil. Out of 150 North American teams, the SCH squad finished second and are now eligible for the final, global round to compete against 12 other teams. 

On October 8 at noon, the SCHers received their new case—a chance to help a real business tackle a global opportunity—and will now have 48 hours to prepare a presentation for a panel of business and world leaders, including the founder of Tiger Management Corp, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Australia. They will then have 10 hours to prepare a 10-minute pitch. The global winner will be announced next week. 

Keith felt that SCH had the advantage: “Our team chemistry is one of the highest...we’re going to be locked in [for 48 hours]...This is the big stage, so we’ve got to be mentally and physically prepared.”

To prepare for the big stage, these seniors have been reviewing similar college competitions from universities such as the Harvard Business School and Penn’s Wharton School of Business, watching how these older students tackle real world entrepreneurial challenges. In rapid time, the team will be going in blind with 12 other global teams, sorting out the new case’s economy, structure, need, and uncovering a best fit market for the case and/or product. 

“Keith, Joe, Andrew, and Ed are resourceful and creative students—true examples of the entrepreneurial mindset that we seek to teach our students in the CEL program," exclaims Ed Glassman, Director of the Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership at SCH. "I’m very proud of what they have been able to accomplish so far in the TGCC. They came up with a great strategy for the first case, one that used a unique global perspective and found an emerging market. We’re all pulling for them in the finals!”

The challenge presented in the initial case was a Japanese drone company, called ACSL, looking for a proposal for global expansion. In the case, the idea of expanding to America and China was suggested; however, the SCH team decided to think differently. They chose to expand to the Philippines because of their under-developed drone market, deregulation of drone laws, and a push for agricultural-based drones. 

They planned wisely by allocating roles among the four: Andrew was the market analyst, Keith was the financial analyst, Joe worked on key performance indicators and competitor analyst, and Ed worked on acquisitions and mergers. “All four worked well together and we plan on continuing that in the global round,” reports Keith. As they enter the final round over the weekend, they plan on using these roles in order to excel. 

The winning team gets an exclusive internship with Julian Robinson—an American hedge fund billionaire (one of the top 500 wealthiest people in the world), investor, philanthropist, and founder of The Tiger Fund—plus $4,000 and an additional $18,000 in education consulting prizes. The second and third place winners also receive exclusive internships with PwC and world-class mentorship opportunities with famous investors, entrepreneurs, and world-renowned executives.

We wish them the best and will find out on Tuesday, October 13, if SCH's team comes out on top of the world.

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