SCH Mathletes Take on National Modeling Challenge

SCH Mathletes Take on National Modeling Challenge

Two teams of SCH math students put their skills to the test in a grueling 14-hour (!) Mathematical Modeling Challenge this past weekend. The challenge posed a real-world problem for participants: model/predict housing supply changes, homelessness populations, and a long-term plan for addressing homelessness while considering a range of factors. 

The teams spent the day, starting at the Inn at 7:15 AM, strategizing with whiteboards, charts, data regression tools, and a little online research. They detailed their findings in lengthy papers, one of which totaled 20 pages.

“I have never enjoyed writing a paper as much as I am enjoying writing this one,” said participant Stone Xin.

This is the first year SCH has participated in the national competition, and according to the students, it was one of the toughest challenges they've faced. But despite the exhaustion, there's a sense of accomplishment—these mathletes put their skills to the test and emerged stronger.

Congratulations to our mathematicians—Hudson Barry, Ward Dobeck, Arjun Goswami, Shawn Gupte, Will Kollmar, Connor Lauerman, Cameron Lyon, Josh Miller, David Xin, and Stone Xin.

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