SCH HR Director Liane Faermann Recognized for Tireless Work on Behalf of Employees and the School 

It is with tremendous institutional pride that we share that Liane Faermann, SCH’s Director of Human Resources, recently received the prestigious Professional Achievement Award from the National Business Officers Association (NBOA). This award “recognizes staff members who distinguish themselves every day and make exceptional contributions to their schools and the independent school community.”

Liane received this distinction for so many reasons, but perhaps at the top of the list is her unwavering commitment to delivering the highest level of courtesy, thoughtfulness, and professionalism to every aspect of her work with current and prospective colleagues alike. 

SCH CFO Frank Aloise shares, “Liane joined the school in October 2011, at a very challenging moment, just as we were merging two schools and two cultures. She has been instrumental in showing all employees how much the school cares about them and she has been focused on building up a new culture in a very healthy way.” To that end, Liane oversaw the crafting of a comprehensive Employee Handbook which outlines all SCH’s policies, processes, and programs in order for employees to know what they can expect of SCH and what SCH expects of them. Liane has also been one of the key champions behind the implementation of the Predictive Index tool which has helped the school to enact better hires and to build better teams.

SCH colleagues will quickly tell you that Liane goes out of her way to respond immediately to all questions and emails and is dedicated to making sure that employees’ concerns—from understanding the school’s robust benefit package to answering PTO and payroll questions to helping colleagues handle difficult conversations—are addressed with the highest degree of attention and compassion. When Liane takes on any task, it is done carefully and correctly, even if it means working late into the night or early in the morning.

SCH Head of School Steve Druggan shares, “The pandemic has forced us to reinvent almost every process and procedure at SCH and to look after our employees in new and important ways.” Liane has taken this on with urgency and professionalism, in addition to managing the school’s traditional HR function.

Congratulations and, in recognition of her native Brazil, Parabéns! to Liane.

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