SCH Delegates Tackle Global Issues at Ivy League Model UN Conference

SCH Delegates Tackle Global Issues at Ivy League Model UN Conference

This past weekend, 20 SCH Model UN delegates participated in the 40th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC XL), hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. ILMUNC is more than just a conference; it's a place where high school students can grapple with pressing global issues, from disarmament to emerging AI, and debate with students from schools across the country.

Several SCH delegates were active participants as diplomats representing Denmark in various General Assemblies and Economic and Social Councils, while others represented politicians and individuals on Specialized Councils or Crisis Committees.

“I learned public speaking tactics to persuade delegates from other countries,” said Ariya Goswami '26, “and I was able to meet new people and discover more about the prevalent problems that affect certain countries today.”

But ILMUNC wasn't just about high-stakes debates. It was also about embracing the unfamiliar, according to Ziya DeVeaux '27, who shared, "Once I adjusted (to the new environment), I found it very interesting. It was exciting to hear each country's varying perspectives while also being able to share my own and come together to find a resolution.”

The conference, said faculty advisor Danielle Gross, was an important exercise for students in thinking on their feet, forming alliances, and finding common ground amidst differing perspectives. 

“Finding the perfect common ground between at least 20-30 different people's demands was tough,” agreed Arjun Goswami ’25 who was part of the Special Summit on AI exploring potential solutions to data privacy threats and others, “but ultimately achieving that was so rewarding.”

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