SCH Celebrates Earth Month: Lights Out, Clean Ups, and Green Initiatives

SCH Celebrates Earth Month: Lights Out, Clean Ups, and Green Initiatives

Earth Day is a designated day of awareness, but environmental stewardship is a year-round commitment at SCH where students are taught to lead lives characterized by thoughtfulness, integrity, and a quest to effect positive change.

This April (Earth Month), this commitment has been particularly evident in the Lower School. Students have collected over 2,000 pieces of trash in support of the National Wildlife Foundation's Clean Earth Challenge. They've also created educational signs about plastic waste and recycling and created artwork for Students Rebuild, raising over $1,000 for organizations committed to climate change and the environment.

Earlier this week Upper and Middle School Eco Clubs organized a Lights Out Day. In addition to limiting carbon dioxide emissions, “Having the lights off is a visual cue that sparks questions in students and faculty and can help inspire behavioral changes,” says Middle School Eco Club member Tori Owens. 

Middle School siblings took their Earth Month work home, collaborating with their family on activities to limit their carbon footprint. Inspired by an Earth Month Bingo board that required them to cross prompts off in a line to win, Lilly and Jack McGowan (pictured above) completed all 20 activities at home together, including turning off the TV, biking, planting a tree, carrying reusable bags, making paper, constructing a bird feeder, and more.

The Upper School Eco Club also hosted a trash pickup around school, an Earth Day picnic, and a green dress-down day for awareness.  

And, finally, throughout April, our Middle School Eco Club conducted interviews with members of our community about their attitudes/concerns toward our collective environmental footprint. Watch the video below!

Happy Earth Month, SCHers!

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