SCH Academy Inducts 24 Students into Cum Laude Society

SCH Academy Inducts 24 Students into Cum Laude Society

SCH Academy celebrated academic excellence last week by inducting 24 students into the prestigious Cum Laude Society. In addition, 13 seniors, who were inducted last year for outstanding academic results, took part in the ceremony.

The Cum Laude Society, founded in 1906, recognizes exceptional scholastic achievement in secondary schools. Inspired by Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude has grown into an organization with 382 chapters in several countries.
“This is a tremendous moment for our school,” said SCH Academy Head of School Delvin Dinkins. “These inductees represent the very best of what SCH has to offer.”

Upper School math teacher Ian Kreher, the faculty inductee from last year, encouraged the students to embrace the recognition and reflect on the choices that led them to this achievement. Ward Dobeck ’24, introducing Kreher, highlighted his dedication: “Mr. Kreher has been teaching at SCH for 10 years. During this time, he has taught 13 different courses and over 750 students. That is over 750 students who have dispersed across the world, carrying on Mr. Kreher’s eagerness, humility, and unwavering curiosity in everything they do.”

Nancy Craft, another Upper School math teacher, was this year’s faculty inductee. Arjun Goswami ’24 praised Craft, stating, “She creates a supportive environment and fosters student leadership to improve the community. Her humility and respect for student voices are truly commendable. Cum Laude is about excellence, justice, and honor, and this teacher truly embodies these values in her work.”

Congratulations to our new inductees, former inductees, faculty inductees, and families! #SCHproud

2024 Senior Inductees 
Brendan Jolly 
William Kollmar 
Cameron Lyon 
Andrew Mahony 
Sophie McDevitt 
Sophie Piatkowski 
Alex Pilling 
Leah Schnee 
Ava Madison Scholl 
Ameara Smith 
Dora Ward 
Antonin Zappala 

2024 Junior Inductees
Connor Brown 
Zarin DeVeaux 
Patrick Gaghan 
Lida Goloveyko 
Sam Harris 
Caitlin Keough 
Leah Laudenbach 
Connor Lauerman 
Joshua Miller 
Georgia O'Connor 
Farah Salehli-Horgan 
Griffin Whitman 

Inducted As Juniors (2023)
Hudson Barry 
Karina Chan-van der Helm
Ward Dobeck 
Devin Gibson 
Arjun Goswami 
Shaun Gupte 
Cameron Harrop 
Alexis Reilly 
Anya Rosenbloom
Alexandra Stoddard 
Ava Szalay 
Junda David Xin
Junyi Stone Xin

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