SCH 5th Grader Starts His Own Soap Business

During the pandemic, SCH fifth grader Grant Collier was one of the few to act on his entrepreneurial spirit. After noticing a soap shortage across the community, he decided it was the perfect time to start his soap-making business: Stax-O-Soap.

When it comes to actually creating the soap, the steps may seem simple, but it takes Grant a couple of hours to make it.

“First we need to buy a base,” said Grant. “Then we melt it in the microwave because it’s the easiest. Then we have molds that we put them in, and we add scents and ties.”

Currently, Grant’s soap is being sold at The Jungle Box in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and soon will also be available at Chill on the Hill in Chestnut Hill. 

Read the full story, written by SCH senior Greg Starks '21, at the Chestnut Hill Local.

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