SCH '20 Grad Starts Non-Profit to Aid Fellow Diabetics

Recent Class of 2020 graduate Ricardo Amorim Jr. is the founder of a non-profit called "We Are Better Than This-America." After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008, Ricky resiliently made some life style changes and continued to pursue his passion for athletics—until COVID-19 cut his senior season short.

Instead, the SCH senior put his focus into developing his non-profit designed to make diabetic treatment, education, and management options accessible for all.

"I want to make sure that middle class, lower income communities, minority communities, can afford the copayments to go buy the supplies," he said.

Ricky will be studying biology at Providence College in Rhode Island this fall, where he will play lacrosse on a full-ride scholarship. 

See the story on 6 ABC.

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