Ryan Agnew Wins Shield Award

Ryan Agnew Wins Shield Award

The SCH Shield Award, the school's highest honor, was presented to graduate Ryan Agnew '24, who was "involved in nearly every facet of school life." He received the award during SCH’s Commencement ceremony on June 8, 2024.

Named in honor of Richard A. Hayne who, as a longtime board chair, “inspired unbounded curiosity and independent thought while maintaining a courageous and resilient spirit with thoughtfulness and integrity," this is the sixth time it has been presented since 2019. 

Head of School Delvin Dinkins presented the award to Agnew, someone whose "care for knowledge and his education, ability for complex thought, and desire to succeed," reflects the award's values: 

"He appears confident and exudes a genuine, caring soul beneath the surface waiting to influence and inspire whoever is fortunate enough to discover it. Here at SCH, you don't need to go too far to discover him. This student shares his array of talents across many disciplines, including music, athletics, Student Facilitators, and Players. He has a penchant to bring laughter, energy, or positivity to any group he's a part of.  . . . He is always all in."

Agnew's impact extends beyond the classroom. He volunteers at his local library, teaching chess to children and sharing his passion for the game. His community service also includes delivering meals for Meals on Wheels and working as a caddy at Sandy Run Country Club, where he employs his interpersonal skills to engage with diverse groups of people.

Academically, Agnew has distinguished himself with an impressive transcript featuring A's in honors and AP-level courses. His commitment to excellence has earned him admission to Villanova University, where he plans to study business and economics while also joining the marching band.

Watch the entire clip, here.

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