Quad Named in Memory of William Newbold '17

Quad Named in Memory of William Newbold '17

This past Friday, the SCH crew community, classmates, family, and friends assembled on the dock of the University Barge Club to dedicate a new carbon Filippi F31s quad (and oars!) named in memory of former crew team member William Connor Newbold, Class of 2017, who died tragically as a result of suicide in May 2022.

The Newbold family chose to honor William’s legacy on the river and shine a light on the hidden and deep depression that can lead to suicide.

William’s mother, Leslie Connor Newbold ’86, shared remarks at the dedication. “When we thought about how we wanted to memorialize William, I immediately thought of the SCH crew program. The crew program is a game-changer for many kids, and it was for William. 

“William's experience with the crew team gave him a sense of meaning and purpose in his life. He felt incredibly good about himself during this time. The hope is that all the crew team members feel the same way as they go through the program. It is essential for them to remember this feeling and hold onto it.” 

Leslie went on to explain that her son thought often about how life can be viewed from different perspectives, half full or half empty, for example, and he adopted the mantra "choose your perception,” a phrase that is now etched on the quad that also bears his name and class year.

William’s family has shared his story—and dedicated this boat—in an effort to help others choose life. “We hope all of us continue with our glasses overflowing in his honor,” said Leslie. 

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