Qimou (Stanley) Song is Courtside This Season

Qimou (Stanley) Song is Courtside This Season

Joel Embiid. Franklin the dog. The Philly cheesesteak. There’s so much that Duke-bound senior Qimou (Stanley) Song wants to share with sports fans in China about his adopted hometown. He’s been at the 76ers home games courtside (and in the media balcony, locker rooms, and at pre- and post-game interviews) since March 10 (or as Sixers fans might know it: the Trail Blazers game when Embiid got a buzzer beater), reporting for a Chinese sports platform, Tencent Sports. He produces videos and stories on the players, coaches, games, and Philadelphia and its fans for China’s viewers.

“Philadelphia is kind of my second home, so I would like to let more people know about it,” says Stanley. “This job is really interesting because I can not only see the game itself but also what's behind it: the stories about the players, all of the staff work to put on the shows, and the sports culture of the local community.”

And people are watching. His site, hosted by Tencent, the multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate, has millions of viewers. And this is just Stanley’s side job: This National Merit Finalist spends his days interning with ParkLexington, a finance group.

Watch for him on the sidelines tonight. Go, Sixers, and way to go, Stanley! 

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