NIL, NBC & SCH—Beyond the Acronyms

What is Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)?
What is your potential NIL value? 
How can you protect your “brand”?
Why should high school student-athletes care about NIL?
This past week an investigative reporter from “NBC Nightly News” came to SCH to hear from a handful of recruited student-athletes as they participated in a workshop where questions like these were front and center. 
Since July 1, 2021, when the NCAA began to allow college athletes to be compensated for NIL, 16 states have adjusted their rules to allow high school students to also participate, and the landscape for those interested is now wide open.
The workshop was conducted by Advance, a company whose mission is to educate, empower, and equip student-athletes who chose to engage in NIL compensation. 
The company’s principals have deep ties to the school and knew that SCH athletes—who have been recruited in greater and greater numbers—would be ripe for their program. The goal of the workshop: “If you are going to participate we want you to do so smartly,” says Courtney Altemus, CEO/founder and former SCH parent. She adds, “Student-athletes participating in NIL are, in fact, CEOs of their brands and making money on their NIL in many different ways, beyond social media influencing.”
Partnering with alumnus and trustee Rashad Campbell, a partner with Advance, the duo has been all over the country educating collegiate student-athletes about protecting themselves by developing sound financial habits, learning important components of contracts, doing due diligence on companies and advisors, etc. 
The workshop, held in the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, echoed many of the same messages that SCH students receive throughout their CEL experience. Reflecting thoughtfully about their skills, passions, and causes that matter to them, students at SCH are constantly encouraged to seize opportunities and shape their own futures. Our student-athletes are no exception, and they will most certainly be well positioned to navigate these burgeoning new opportunities in the NIL industry.

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