Middle Schoolers Captivate with 'Beauty and the Beast'

Middle Schoolers Captivate with 'Beauty and the Beast'

After dedicating 100 hours to rehearsal, 65 Middle School students captivated the SCH community last weekend with a "tale as old as time." Not only did the students master their lines and choreography, but they also refined their stagecraft and technical prowess for sold-out performances of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. This year, the program elevated its enchantment with a new digital backdrop, featuring animated images that intensified the magic of the performance. The students embraced the power of teamwork, discovering hidden talents and forging lasting friendships along the way. 

Beyond the stage, the students fostered community connections through myriad initiatives. They embarked on classroom visits with our youngest students, inviting them into the enchantment of their performance, and even requesting original submissions for "Maurice’s Invention,” one of which was featured prominently in the program. 

Students also engaged in fundraising by selling "Roses for The Rec" and hosted both in-school and family/community showcases to reach a broader audience. In this whirlwind week of engagement and outreach, the students exemplified the spirit of collaboration and service, leaving a lasting impact both on and off the stage.

After extensive research, Chef Budd Cohen even conjured up a special Beauty and the Beast-themed menu, offering everything from “Welcome to the Village Baguette with Ham and Gruyere” to “Young Gaston 4 Dozen Egg Quiche,” adding another delicious layer to the week's magic. 

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MS Beauty and Beast

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