Lower School Community Kicks Off the New Year

Lower School Community Kicks Off the New Year

Lower School celebrated the new school year with enthusiasm and unity with the first of three Community Kick-Off events earlier this week. Each classroom came away with a backpack filled with laminated "values" to remember: integrity, courage, thoughtfulness, resilience, and diversity. "At SCH, we place a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive community, and these events play a vital role in reinforcing our school values," says Zaccai Williams, assistant head of Lower School, who spoke at the event.

This summer, a dedicated team of Lower School teachers, including Kate Caro, Ciera Britton, BA Fish, Andrew Silverman, and Gerri Allen, embarked on a journey to enhance the Lower School's culture and character program. Their hard work included reflecting on the essence of community within LSB and LSG, devising strategies to foster a more inclusive environment and brainstorming creative ways to instill our school values in an age-appropriate and engaging manner for each grade level.

This passionate team explored how to enrich character development through our assembly program, all while promoting positive character traits division-wide. They also focused on supporting classroom management and supporting students as they grow into their leadership potential while becoming responsible global citizens.

"These Community Kick-Off events are just the beginning of the wonderful initiatives that the Lower School is rolling out to strengthen our sense of togetherness and shared values," says Williams. 

SCH faculty are lifelong learners! To learn more about the many opportunities SCH faculty pursued this summer, enjoy our slideshow here.

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