CEL SCHowcase: Let's "Taco 'Bout" Chuck Norton

CEL SCHowcase: Let's "Taco 'Bout" Chuck Norton

This week, we’re talking about senior Chuck Norton and his second Kickstarter campaign to raise more capital for his project,Taco ‘Bout it. 

Taco 'Bout It is a mental health card game that encourages players to discuss sensitive subjects, break down tensions between parents and kids, and enable sometimes difficult conversations—all within the context of a clever and family-friendly game in which players build out a taco!

Last January, Chuck was the first SCH student to launch a Kickstarter campaign. His goal was to raise $2k to manufacture the card game he initially developed and designed in his 10th grade CEL Capstone class where he earned the Social Impact Award. 

Chuck met and exceeded that goal last February raising $3,500 and was able to produce and fulfill over 50 orders. With his new campaign, he plans to provide better packaging, an updated card deck, and new stickers with a holiday theme. There will also be a downloadable version of the game that customers can print by themselves, which makes it affordable for all.  His Kickstarter campaign #2 launches on November 17 and will run through December 12. The link to his Kickstarter page is here.

Resourcefulness and resilience are at the heart of CEL’s entrepreneurial mindset and Norton’s enduring passion to refine, improve, and market his product is exactly what the CEL is Taco ‘bout! 

Read more about Chuck's project here.   


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