Introducing… 'Unbounded Curiosity-The SCH Podcast'

Introducing… 'Unbounded Curiosity-The SCH Podcast'

Taking a walk? On a trip? We have just the thing for your listening pleasure! This week we are proud to introduce the first episode of "Unbounded Curiosity–The SCHool Podcast," hosted by Head of School Delvin Dinkins. With this podcast, we connect listeners to impressive experts from the SCH community—including Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, professional athletes, professors, and industry leaders—who will share their thoughts on diverse and important issues of our time (much of which has been provided through our fabulous Connex programming).

Drawing from SCH’s mission statement ("an inclusive community on a mission to inspire unbounded curiosity and independent thought"), we found a title for our podcast. We hope these conversations will spark your curiosity, too!

First up? Chat GPT. Is Chat GPT heralding an intellectual revolution or simply widening the gap between human knowledge and understanding? Hear about the philosophical and practical implications of generative artificial intelligence. Our panel discusses what all of this could mean for our students, the field of education, and society as a whole.

Find the new podcast on Spotify by searching "Unbounded Curiosity" or clicking here. And check Apple podcasts in the coming weeks for our show!

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