Introducing the 2021 Pub!

The Upper School literary magazine, “Pub,” dropped this past week and the new design, stunning images, and diverse collection of prose, art, and poetry, is joined this year by musical contributions.  (Sprinkled throughout the issue are QR codes for readers to hear these pieces.)

The theme of the collection is “Change” and the editors’ “Letter to Readers” inside explores some of the many changes that students have experienced in this unchartered school year.  With this publication—a year in the making—their goal was to “wholeheartedly explore the effects, emotions, important figures, and driving forces behind change. We hope you are able to find comfort in pieces that you relate to, and be challenged by different perspectives that you cannot.” 

So, as Editors-in-Chief Meena Padhye and Chloe Brundin suggest, “Sit back, put some headphones in, grab some tea and a snack, and let yourself be changed by these powerful pieces of student work.”

View the Pub here.

Thanks, also, to the faculty advisors working with the editors: Susanna Coates, Jenny Gellhorn, and Emily Salazar.


Pub is an annually published, creative arts magazine published by a cohort of student volunteers for the Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Upper School. The magazine provides Upper School students with the ability to share their written, visual, and auditory work with the community at large. We hope to inspire and motivate student artists to create, and we aim to celebrate a broad, diverse range of work in each edition of Pub.

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