Introducing the 2020-2021 Members of the SCH Cum Laude Society

Twenty-six new inductees—juniors and seniors—joined the 13 seniors elected last year at the Cum Laude Induction Ceremony this week. [See names here.] Through the awarding of membership in the Cum Laude Society, we honor the outstanding work of students and confirm our commitment to a life of intellectual pursuit. 

The motto of the Society is areté, diké, timé, three Greek words that mean “excellence,” “justice,” and “honor.” These are the ideals that have informed the election into the SCH chapter of Cum Laude. Faculty member and co-president Misty Palmer welcomed the group saying, “The students here today are intellectually curious and have consistently produced superior work. Their attitudes and character show them to be devoted to the school and to the idea of a community of learners.”  

Inducted last year as an honorary Cum Laude Society member, Upper School English teacher Ms. Elizabeth O' Flanagan was the first speaker. Addressing the students directly, she invited them to consider the following:  

“You have the “hard skills” of curricular life handled. So today I am going to give you a new challenge. I am going to ask you to embark on a life filled with the hard work of soft skills. 

I think of them as the power to look someone in the eye, ask how their day is going, and wait for and care about the answer, whatever it may be. As the ability to put something on hold (“the urgent”) when someone you work with or care about needs you (“the important”). As the ability to reach out a helping hand when someone is stressed, and reach out FOR a helping hand when you are stressed. 

I have a resume that you might find impressive. It mentions a couple of Ivy League schools, has fancy titles sprinkled throughout and has gotten me in a number of doors. I am grateful to that paper for what it has done for me, but it isn’t me. 

I hope that as you look at me up here, you see someone who would sit with you in a moment of joy or sadness, someone who would help you draft that email to the teacher or create a plan to get through that week that had one project too many, someone who tries to manage her own stress well so that she can help you manage yours. That is the resume that I actually use once I get through the door, and it is the one I am most proud of. I think this is why the Cum Laude Society asks us to not only be committed to academic achievement but to excellence, justice, and honor. Cum Laude asks us to not just understand these concepts but to live them and to do what we need to use soft skills.”  

Upper School Math teacher Tom Morris was the honorary faculty member elected this year. Speaking for the seniors who nominated him, Julia Barrist shared, "This teacher teaches extremely difficult classes, but the devotion to providing students with academic support helps all students to thrive. However, what makes this teacher the most special is how much he cares for his students. ... He wishes to see all of his students succeed, both in his classroom and in life.”

In addition to these highlights and the awarding of certificates, the Induction Ceremony celebrated the first time parents have been able to join us in person on campus and the Chamber Ensemble was able to perform. Both... so very notable and appreciated!


Seniors Inducted in 2021 

Elizabeth Castellanos ’21

Jocelyn Ivy Freed ’21

Nicole Suzanne Giegerich ’21

Benjamin Ramsey Hayes ’21

Kylie Nicole Hughes ’21

Esther Coeli Lamb ’21

Elie Lubin ’21

Claire Elizabeth Moustafellos ’21

Sofia Inez Rivera ’21

Jacob Ryen Rosenbloom ’21

Finn Thomas Seifert ’21

Anna Charlotte Stahlecker ’21

Roger Lizhou Wang ’21


Juniors Inducted in 2021

Amanda Cooney ’22

Samuel Ellis Halfpenny ’22

Nia Odette Hodges ’22

Alisa Yufei Jia ’22

Gabriela N. Leon-Palfrey ’22

Madeline J. Mahoney ’22

Claire Ruth Mollen ’22

Charles David Norton ’22

Lucy C. Pearson ’22

Anthony Joseph Regli ’22

Isaac Ryder Schapiro ’22

Stephanie Christine Scheuermann ’22

Whitney Deering Taylor ’22


Juniors Inducted in 2020

Julia Elise Barrist ’21

Sadie E. Duncan ’21 

Joseph Falcone ’21

Tobi Normah Farbstein ’21

Yuze (Edward) Gu ’21

Brian Patrick Henesey Jr. ’21

Hannah Grace Knox ’21

Andrew Lauerman ’21

Julia R. Lieberman ’21

Juniper Moscow ’21

Ainsley Pepper Rexford ’21

Elizabeth Adele Webb ’21

Mingyu Zheng ’21


Faculty Members

David Salmanson

Liz O'Flanagan

Tom Morris





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