History Teacher Has Article Published in the Washington Post

SCH Upper School History Teacher Thomas Richards Jr. had an article published in both the Washington Post and Stamford Advocate yesterday.

The article examines how history is so greatly shaped by contingent events whether historians are able to acknowledge it or not. Using examples leading up to the 1840s territorial expansion of the United States and the 2016 presidential election, he conveys how futile it would be to try and predict the outcomes of our upcoming election this November. 

He writes: "Whim. Chance. Contingency. Randomness. Call it what you will, but this type of unexpected phenomena drives U.S. political history just as much as the decisions by candidates and their teams, and in turn the decisions of the voters."

Earlier this year, Richards' book Breakaway Americas: The Unmanifest Future of the Jacksonian United States was published by Johns Hopkins University Press. 

Congratulations on the publishing of your piece, Mr. Richards!

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