Happy Birthday ECC! SCH's Early Childhood Center 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday ECC! SCH's Early Childhood Center 1 Year Anniversary

An energetic and enthusiastic group of “Chestnuts” gathered to sing Happy Birthday in honor of SCH’s Early Childhood Center’s (ECC) first anniversary. (Learn more about the ECC program.)

Caption: Chestnuts sign “Happy Birthday, ECC” | Laurels threw confetti | Willows decorated a Birthday sign all in honor of SCH’s Early Childhood Center’s 1 year anniversary.

The posse, who are the “oldest” children in the ECC (at 3 and 4 years old) were some of the first to arrive last January 6, 2020, when the doors of the Center opened. Enrollment began with 17 children, 18-months to 4-years old, most of whom are faculty and alumni families. That number has grown to 56 students with a staff count of 12 (up from 5) in just one year’s time!

ECC's Laurels play with sticks, leaves, grasses, rocks and more for reggio emilia method

Recently the school finished a complete renovation of the lower level of the Jordan building, which is home to the ECC. This fresh, light-filled space has allowed the program to expand and spread out. True to Reggio Emilia methodology, the environment is one filled with natural elements, bringing in the outdoors, as the kids explore their natural surroundings on a daily basis. Also housed on the lower level is the Art Studio where the children enjoy filling the supply baskets with natural elements, paint expressive works, and explore through light and color play.

ECC Chestnut enjoys the art studio

SCH’s older students and faculty light up when they encounter the youngest members of the school, holding hands and dutifully lined up as they move about to enjoy the expansive 62-acre campus full of natural treasures, fields, and playscapes. Janet Giovinazzo, the director of the ECC program shares, “We have surpassed our wildest expectations in this first year and couldn't be prouder of the Reggio Emilia program we are offering the community through the Early Childhood Center at SCH.”

Our little Chestnuts chimed in about what they love about their new classrooms:

Q: What do you like about your new classroom?

A: "Having our own Kitchen!"

A: "The snowflakes make our new room look pretty."

A: "Reading book on green rug."

A: "Making hearts and our art station."

A: "I like the monster trucks and reading books."

A: "I like when we read books and build with legos."

A: "I like the sand table and the kitchen."

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