GameTime Sports is Making High School Sports an All-star Experience for Every Viewer

GameTime Sports is Making High School Sports an All-star Experience for Every Viewer

SCH Blue Devil sports fans now have a bonus. Can’t make a game in person? GameTime Sports is here for you! For every varsity home game captured on our Hudl recording system, GameTime Sports provides live, play-by-play commentary. (Note: squash play uses Club Locker software and live-streaming tools and is not included.) 

After volunteering to provide live commentary for his brother’s baseball games during COVID, junior Brendan Flatow had a taste for live sports broadcasting and conceived of GameTime Sports during his sophomore CEL Capstone project. The SCH community was so taken by his project last spring that he received the People's Choice Award at the CEL Capstone Showcase

This fall, Flatow has worked to grow his business through the CEL Venture Accelerator program and has been busy on the sidelines of many athletic contests as well as mastering some of the critical technical aspects required to be successful. Recording from the press box in Maguire Stadium, Flatow started providing play-by-play this fall for football games and added soccer (boys and girls) commentary after the school’s Under the Lights event. His live reporting has provided color and genuine enthusiasm to what has previously been just a video livestream. “I’m so excited to fill a void at SCH,” says Flatow, “and am glad that my idea has captured the attention of other wannabe sports broadcasters as well as adding a professional-like broadcast for all our viewers and athletes.” Flatow proudly shares that GameTime Sports has received over 24,000 views across all its social media platforms!

For the winter season, Flatow has recruited nine classmates to provide commentary for all basketball (girls and boys), ice hockey, and wrestling matches. For games in the Kingsley gym, he’s even created a broadcasting “booth” where he enjoys a front-row seat to the action and a spot to conduct interviews or run half-time games. Included in GameTime Sports offering are pre-game coach and athlete interviews, game highlights, and, coming soon, a round-up of “This Week in SCH Sports” on his GameTime.Sports YouTube channel

CEL director Ed Glassman reflects, "Over the past decade, our CEL program has guided many students in projects related to sports broadcasting and journalism. They often face challenges, from technology to scheduling and staffing. Brendan met these challenges head-on. His passion and focus led him to overcome them. His achievements are impressive. Under Brendan's leadership, we're on track to have one of the region's top high school sports broadcasting programs."

Find Gametime Sports coverage using the livestream link when listed on the SCH mobile app.

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