Faculty on Stage

Faculty on Stage

SCH has many talented faculty and staff members ranging from triathletes to songwriters to gardeners. Recently, Lower School faculty member Terrance Hart returned to the stage after a short hiatus due to the pandemic and was joined by other Lower School faculty members who came out to support him. Terrance has been performing for 15 years and also directs the Summerside Camps theater program.

Hart shares his experience reconnecting with the theater and about performing again:

On the first day of rehearsal [of Once on This Island], I was a little timid not only because of the new faces, but it was a show that I have never done before. I didn't know the music, story, or characters. I didn't even audition! I was on a birthday vacation in Atlanta back in June when I received an email asking if I was interested and ready to come back to the stage. After a week or two of thinking about it, I said ‘yes.’ I'm so glad I did! I was cast as Tonton (Papa) Julien, the father of the main character Ti Moune. Throughout the two-month rehearsal process, there were some bumps, hiccups, and setbacks, just like any other show, but by tech week, you could feel the magic happening, on and off the stage.

I am so grateful just to take part in this incredible experience which reminded me why I love musical theatre so much.  Everyone involved in this production put their heart and soul into it in their own unique way, and without them, the show would not be what it was.” 

If you, too, have a love of music and would like to support Terrance, he will be performing next at the Marian Anderson National Historical Society on October 30, at the Chapel of Four Chaplains in the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. For more information, click here.

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