Faculty Members Pursue New Ideas and Concepts Through Summer Experiences

SCH faculty never stop pursuing new ideas to incorporate into the classroom. This summer, several members of the SCH community sought out professional development opportunities and travel experiences that will enable them to bring new life to their lessons and give them renewed perspective as they navigate their responsibilities outside of the classroom. Not only did our educators deepen their knowledge and delve into the critical issues of the day at conferences and trips abroad, but they were also reminded of something extraordinarily important in the life of a teacher: what it’s like to be a student. 

“I think it is so important to be learning from a student perspective,” says Kindergarten teacher Jenny Culbert, who attended a class for teachers at The Philadelphia Art Museum. “I had to listen and learn from my colleagues as we worked in the galleries and tackled interactive assignments. I discovered new ways to enhance my collaborative learning techniques, which is one way our kindergarten girls become such successful learners.”

Hear what our faculty members had to say about their summer experiences in the slideshow.

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