Continuing Music Education in the Time of COVID-19

Working with one of the area’s premier conductors, Donald Nally, SCH Director of Arts & New Media Ellen Fishman has created a model for how to provide a true choral learning experience—even when the singers can’t be in the same room singing. Since this story was originally featured in mid-October, Fishman arranged an all-day, socially-distanced recording session for a dozen choir members to record tracks, which high schoolers used to practice and learn the song at home.

To aid the project, SCH parent, Board of Trustee member, and Director of Drexel’s ExCITe Center Youngmoo Kim developed an app, called Virtual Chorister, which allows musicians to stream videos straight from YouTube as they sing or play in unison. The newest version now gives iPad users the option of viewing the sheet music alongside the reference video.

70 students at Northeast High and Springside Chestnut Hill now have downloaded the app and are getting to work, starting to record their parts while listening to the tracks from the Crossing as a guide. Once the students record their own tracks, an engineer will mix them together into one seamless whole.

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