Connecting the Arts & STEM to create a more inclusive community

Connecting the Arts & STEM to create a more inclusive community

Students in SCH’s Upper School psychology elective have been learning about the symptoms of autism and how to best support those in our lives and in the classroom who are on the spectrum. At the invitation of science teacher Dr. Kim Eberle-Wang, Marcie Bramucci, the artistic director of Hedgerow Theatre dropped into their classroom to share how this local venue in Media is making strides to offer relaxed performances for people who are considered neuro-atypical, specifically those with autism.

Bramucci explained how they are providing sensory-friendly theater and adapting their performances for patrons who would not be able to sit through a production following normal theater protocol. These special “soft performances” include accommodations such as explaining props, providing a warning before a loud noise, and allowing audience members to sit in the aisle and rock or express themselves during the show without drawing stares.

Dr. Eberle-Wang notes, “I wanted our students to learn first hand about how certain venues are creating a more inclusive community by welcoming neurodiverse students and providing experiences for them. It’s a great example of STEAM education while also in line with our DEI work and the mission of the school.”  

Hedgerow has kindly provided SCH families with a discount code for future relaxed performances and suggests they are ideal for families with young children as well as those who identify as " atypical."  The next relaxed, sensory-friendly performance will be for the show TUESDAY at 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 30. Entering the code “RELAX15” will give provide families with $15 discounted tickets for any relaxed performance. If you are not able to attend the relaxed performance of TUESDAY, check back for later shows as each one will offer a relaxed performance during its run. 

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