Composition Workshop: A Lesson in Harmony

Composition Workshop: A Lesson in Harmony

Singer/songwriter Ayinké Feit P'33 and producer/writer Marcus Bryant, who is secretary of the Philadelphia Grammy Chapter, recently visited the Upper School songwriting class (taught by Adam Butz-Weidner and Annie Givler) for an in-person workshop sponsored by the Class of 1954 Composition Workshop Fund. As a songwriter and producer, Bryant has collaborated with artists such as John Legend, Ludacris, Wyclef Jean,  H.E.R., and many more, and Feit and her twin sister, Ayana, has performed to tremendous accolades including their recent performance at The Kennedy Center for "Black Girls Rock" with Estelle, Alice Smith, Jade Novah, and others.

The musical duo shared their journey to becoming professional artists and used their own compositions, lyrics, beats, and recorded collaborations to illustrate how they got where they are today. "Our process is now done in bedrooms, homes, and over Zoom. We don't need big recording studios anymore to write award-winning music," said Feit.

While she has had a more classical approach to her career, Marcus said that he was more self-taught, following his passion and being open to all types of music, beats, and collaborations. "Stay open," he advised the students.

"I didn't let fear or my subconscious or anyone stop me from reaching my dream," said Feit. "Do not let anyone alter who you are." The two work in different methods (Feit may write the hook first and Bryant will shape it into a piece), but the product of their collaboration always comes out as musical harmony. Interested in hearing some? Take a listen on our Instagram Stories (saved in our Arts Highlight).

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