Coming This Summer: Middle School Robotics on WHYY

Coming This Summer: Middle School Robotics on WHYY

You can do it!

In search of students who do “hard things with adult tools,” a crew from WHYY PBS TV landed in the Middle School robotics lab earlier this week to film an episode of Albie’s Elevator, the newest addition to the station’s preschool programming.

The series, coming this summer, will feature a macaroni and cheese-colored puppet named Albie who operates the elevator in her building and explores a variety of problems she’s facing by meeting up with the very people that can help solve Albie’s challenge. For the episode filmed at SCH, poor Albie is struggling to complete a puzzle and needs some help. Who better than SCH’s robotics team students to jump in and share their tips? After all, building and coding robots is puzzle-solving on steroids! 

No spoiler alerts here. Just a quick shout-out to Mia Buffert, Sky Matta, Ariana Chan-van der Helm, and Devon Donato who worked with the team from WHYY to demonstrate their can-do spirit.  A crew member from WHYY shared, “We were so impressed by their robotics work, as well as their preparation and composure during the shoot.” We can’t wait to see the result; stay tuned!

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