CEL's People's Choice Award Winner: Anya Rosenbloom

CEL's People's Choice Award Winner: Anya Rosenbloom

This week our CEL feature shines a light on the People’s Choice winner based on the public vote in our recent capstone showcase. Proving that no challenge is too big for our CEL students, Anya Rosenbloom chose to combine her interest in business and medicine to develop International Disability Medical Support, a non-profit organization working to tackle medical inequalities that adults with developmental disabilities in underdeveloped countries face on a daily basis. 

Anya’s volunteer experience at Harmony Theatre, a theatre for adults with developmental disabilities, inspired her capstone project which has begun its support by developing an assistive listening device to serve those who are hard of hearing.

In her pitch video, Anya walks viewers through the challenge of building prototypes, the SWOT analysis she performed, and various budget considerations. It’s a 6-minute watch and a wonderful example of the drive, determination, and creative energy that students bring to the CEL Capstone experience.

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Over the past 10 years, the Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) has become one of the flagships of an SCH education. It is a program that is as substantial in its educational content as it is inspirational in its impact. In celebration of the CEL's 10th anniversary, we will be showcasing our CEL Venture Accelerator (VA) students throughout the year. Seeking out opportunity, devising creative solutions, working to effect positive change, more than two dozen VA students are currently hard at work with faculty mentors to bring their visions to life. We hope readers will enjoy learning about the people and the projects that are percolating in the VA right now.

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