CEL Pop-Up SCHop at the Second Stag & Doe Night

CEL Pop-Up SCHop at the Second Stag & Doe Night

This holiday season, SCH Academy student entrepreneurs join the traditional fun and festivities of Chestnut Hill’s Stag & Doe on December 7 with a pop-up shop featuring their ventures. Student businesses will be at 8431 Germantown Avenue (home to Kurfiss Sotheby's International Realty), from 6:00-8:30 PM, with a variety of items that were conceived and developed in our Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. The SCHop will feature unique gift items with something for everyone on your list! Be sure to meet these savvy entrepreneurs to learn more and hear about the impact they are making locally and beyond! 

[All entrepreneurs are currently a part of the SCH CEL program. See links in blue for each business store.]

StayPostiveRings ("SP Rings") | Business owners: Jamie Ehnow, Maya Jonas, and Madison Major

What do you anticipate will be the popular gift items/trends for this holiday season? 

SP Rings made by our student entrepreneurs

Fidget gadgets have been wildly popular as a way to relieve nervous energy, anxiety, or stress. Our fidget rings, each featuring a different mood, are a fun, subtle, and elegant way of wearing your fidget gadget! We anticipate the circle ring ("Cheerful Circle") to be our best-selling item. Each ring costs between $15-20. They will also be available as a set, four rings in a pack.  
Is there a specific item that you are carrying that is unique to Philly?
All the rings are unique to the jewelry section as a way of staying fashionable while managing mental health. There are four ring styles, each with an adjustable band. Each ring has a different face with different moods (angry, happy, stressed, and sad). 

Sonas to America | Business owners:  Catie Driscoll, Lilly Hall, Sienna Lindsay, and Brynn Donahue

Sonas to America is a non-profit organization that works with a weaving village located in Takeo, Cambodia. The social entrepreneurship village consists of 15 hardworking women who craft our woven goods from cotton that they grow, spin, dye, and weave all by hand in order to create beautiful woven products such as scarves, table runners, face masks. Recently they have added all-natural wellness products to their offerings. Alysa Akins '20 founded Sonas to America in 2019 after her Global Travel trip to Cambodia where she learned about the Sonas weaving village.
What do you anticipate will be the popular gift items/trends for this holiday season?

Sonas to America soap product as a part of our CEL student venture

"Scarves will be the most popular (for gifts). Sonas has new colors and one-of-a-kind pieces (all handmade with unique, one-of-a-kind patterns). All fabric products are hand-spun, dyed, and handwoven. Our beauty products are all-natural and all organic. Everything is made in Cambodia and supports education for the women in the village," says entrepreneur Catie Driscoll.
Is there a specific item that you are carrying that is unique to the Philly area?  

All the items are unique to America (produced in the Sonas village in Cambodia and sold here). Sonas products include scarves (most popular), beach towels, tea towels, blankets, soap, tea, skin-care face masks, and more! For the beauty products, the all-natural scents come from the ingredients used (such as: indigo, cocoa, charcoal, aloe, turmeric, coffee, and palm fruit).

EastCoastStickers | Business owner: Tara Benning
What do you anticipate will be the popular gift items/trends for this holiday season? 

Student Entrepreneur Tara Benning's East Coast Stickers CO reusable cup

“A lot of people are purchasing the frog-logo reusable cups,” says Tara. She is starting crew-neck sweaters embroidered with holiday-themed graphics. Tara will be offering services to get a one-of-a-kind embroidered sweater (in white or gray) for the holidays on the hill during Stag & Doe on December 7.
Is there a specific item that you are carrying that is unique?

Starbucks reusable cups are a unique, Tara-created item. "The frog cup is a good example of the reusable cup and is popular," Tara explains.  

Tara also makes stickers unique to the Philadelphia area: a LOVE sticker, a Rocky Sticker, as well as glasses and mugs that follow the Philly theme. Tara offers great customer service (service with a smile!) and gift-wrapping for each purchase. 

MLSageDesigns | Business owner: Magnolia Lurie

ML Sage Designs was started by freshman Magnolia Lurie when she was in 8th grade and had a passion for sewing and designing clothes.

Student Entrepreneur, Magnolia Lurie, MLSage Designs

What do you anticipate will be the popular gift items/trends for this holiday season?
"I think that the popular gifts from my shop for this holiday season will be dog toys and quilted pouches. The dog toys are a great small gift for your pet to remind them you love them and the quilted pouches can be used for so many things (makeup, small treasures, jewelry, essential oils)," states Magnolia. There's a little something for everyone!

Is there a specific item that you are carrying that is unique to this area?
"The only item that I carry that is really unique is my hand-embroidered dog figures. They are custom-made in a variety of preferred colors with hand-sewn embroidery along the edge," explains 9th grader Magnolia. 

DCF_Cards | Business owner: Dillon Frankel

Dillon, SCH Academy senior, created DCF_Cards in 2020 during COVID to foster his love of sports memorabilia. Since then, he has raised $250 for Hope for the Warriors, a nonprofit organization aiming towards transforming veterans' lives. This is a great time of year to buy your favorite Philly players at a fair price for the upcoming holidays! Follow Dillon @DCF_Cards.

Laurel Leaf Designs | Business owner: Leah Laudenbach

Laurel Leaf Designs by Leah Laudenbach

Leah started her resin earring company in her sophomore Capstone class. Her target audience is young people that have an interest in the environment and jewelry. Laurel Leaf Designs make shopping more ethical because it donates a portion of its proceeds to Friends of the Wissahickon, a local nonprofit that works to restore the Wissahickon Valley Park #LetsBeFriends. "This allows me to make a local impact on a global problem by cleaning up a natural park. Additionally, the packaging is recycled, and the earrings have a nature-like look," says Leah. 

Come visit these businesses and more on Wednesday, December 7 from 6:00-8:30 PM at 8431 Germantown Avenue.  

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